September Starts

Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of my life. It’s weird isn’t it? How as a young person in my twenties, I still feel like September is the ‘new year’ rather than January. I still expect to be able to turn my life around and make a new name for myself; start afresh on […]


24 Thoughts for 24

It’s been a helluva year: 2 mental breakdowns 1 breakup 2 house moves 7234 ‘I want to quit my job’ moments 1 new diagnosis 2 Lost bank cards 1 poorly timed dislocated knee 3 lost besties 3 existential crisis’ And plenty more. But that’s just the bad bits 1 holiday out of Europe on my […]


Ya gal is back

Welcome back to Pretty Empty Pockets. Ya gal is back for an unpredictable amount of time. After a 6 month Hiatus I’m back to share with you my wonderful wit general charm. Kidding I’m actually here to make you do the one thing we all hate to believe we’re capable of doing these days: Think. […]