About Me

After spending months stressing about money, trying to think of a catchy blog name to start my affordable lifestyle profile and wasting hours on the internet searching ‘ways to make money’, it’s safe to say, that I’ve accepted I have Pretty Empty Pockets.

With a flat to pay for and loan practically murdering my bank balance every month, it’s hard to stay on top of being ‘financially stable’.

And I’m not alone; ‘if I can afford it’ is probably the phrase I hear most from my friends at the moment, as we scavenge for a few pounds to hop over to Wetherspoons for steak night, reinvent our wardrobes and leave our houses to become a bit of a mess.

Which is why, I’m creating my little space on the Internet to moan and complain – I mean help – us all through the process of adult peasantry whilst looking nice, feeling good and having a nice home to come back to at the end of our 9-5s that just don’t pay enough. Let’s call it a PEP talk for us all! To keep moving forward and thinking positively whilst our pockets stop jingling with pennies.

First tip: Save money by staying in and reading my blog instead of being social. Friends are too expensive anyway…

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