The Breakup Phases & Playlist

I haven’t been super active online this week which has cost me a lot of Instagram followers, so thanks for the support guiz xoxo , because I’ve been going through a split, and to be quite honest, that’s just not the prime time for a selfie, or an OOTD post (spoiler: just pjs).

I’ve tried to think of ways to talk about it on the blog, and think about things we can all learn from breakups, but constructing wonderfully artistic sentences on a wonderfully artistic emotion – love – can be pretty difficult.

It’s possibly the most written about feeling of all time, and whilst I’m not expecting some form of Shakespeare or Swift album (both geniuses in their own eras), I’d like to take my time on the subject.

But one thing we do all turn to in hard times, good times, emotional breakdowns, or just when we fancy looking like we’re acting in our own video, is music.

I overthink a lot. And when something like heartbreak is on the cards, I have a hugely heightened sensitivity to noise, smells, tastes, tones and atmospheres, so I spend a lot of the time in silence. Everything feels very intrusive.

So breakups get pretty shit and silent – for everyone – and pretty much everything reminds you of that one thing or person that you could really do with not thinking about. Therefore, music is a no go.

But after a few days of starving the body of nutrients, living solely off chocolate and cereal, and things begin to be a little more bearable. Then, music is something to help us cope; get by or push through. It lets us think positive about the future when we want to, and when we don’t want to, it allows us to just be.

I thought I’d share a few songs that have made me feel happy, sad, strong, ready and all sorts of things this week, and maybe you’ll discover a new track you enjoy too.

The Upbeat-Girl-Power Phase

Raincheck by Hannah Lewis

The Crying in Bed / ‘No I’m okay, I’m not gonna cry’ Phase

Too Soon by Vanic

Cocoon by Milky Chance

The Getting By / Acceptance Phase

Worst in Me by Julia Michaels

Bad at Love by Halsey

The Working Off the Emotions / Lets’s Fight This Phase

Sober by Cheat Codes

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