As Old As Time by Liz Braswell: Book Review

If you saw my birthday post, you’ll have seen that my brother and sister-in-law bought me a couple of cosy and tasty bits and bobs to use for a girly film night in, population: 1.

Within it, was As Old As Time by Liz Braswell, which is part of the Disney A Twisted Tale series.

The story – if you haven’t guessed already – is based around Beauty and the Beast, and still follows the original Disney story and its characters, whilst adding a lot more depth to the tale we all know and love.

I like to think that after being told the classic story by her parents, Braswell had questions like:

Why did the witch visit the Prince to curse him out of the blue? 

Would Belle still love the Prince if he stayed Beastly? 

Where, and who was Belle’s mum? 

Where, and who were the Prince’s parents? 

Braswell creates a beautiful – if sometimes sad and tragic – back  story to all of the characters. We see a younger version of Maurice with his love Rosalind; we learn what happened to the Prince’s kingdom and why he was cursed; and last, we get to see Belle as the smart, witty and sassy woman that she clearly always was.

The book dips in and out of the classic tale – bringing us to key events in the story every now and then, to keep the two stories intertwined with relevance.

I love the way Belle is shown in this edition of the story, and enjoy that we get to see a bit more of her and the Beast’s relationship. It’s flirty, and sassy and quite lovely.

Everything ties together perfectly, and the book brings in a whole extra world of magic into its pages.

I think it was probably even better to read knowing the characters and how they look, so that you could picture the scenes in your mind easily.

Overall, I’m trying not to give any spoilers, hence why this is such a short review, I would absolutely recommend this version of the fairytale to anyone. It’s darker, and deeper, and that’s the sort of book that I definitely get on well with. I’d prefer this to the original, though I’d always need a little time to sing my heart off to the Disney renditions.

Have you read this? There’s also an Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty version in the A Twisted Tale series.

You can buy all three here

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